Our deepest apologies. 

Due to an ongoing app-review process from Facebook that MFY has to undergo we have to take MFY offline. 

MFY needs Facebook Messenger API access to work correctly and all apps need to undergo a FB app review process. We had completed this process early this year, but due to some recent events with respect to user privacy, Facebook asked all 3rd party developers to re-submit their apps for another app-review. 

This second app-review for MFY's is in process and until then we have only limited access to the Facebook APIs, which is causing some parts of MFY to not work correctly. This is the reason we have decided to take MFY offline rather than offer a less than stellar experience for your customers. 

What this means is that if you have installed the MFY's mChat widget, it won't be enabled or visible for your visitors on your website until we can work with Facebook to resolve this permission issue. 

Also new messages that your visitors send via your FB page won't be visible in MFY dashboard until Facebook re-approves this API access for MFY.

We have reached out to Facebook and we are trying our best to resolve this ASAP, but we are yet to get a firm timeline from Facebook. We will inform you as soon as we know.

I understand that this is less than the expected level of customer experience with MFY and I offer my sincerest apologies.

Once again thank you for the support you have offered us till date and we hope to iron out these early teething troubles soon.


Arun Augustine
Co-founder and CEO

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