We have big news! 

If you open MFY’s dashboard, you will see two new features that we launched today! Sequences and Corner widget! 

Sequences for Facebook Messenger

Sequences allows you to setup a drip campaign for Facebook messenger. You can create a set of messages that will be delivered to your subscriber over a period of hours or days and slowly nudge them to complete a goal. This feature is similar to what you may be familiar with in Mailchimp or Convertkit for email.

Corner Widget: For a faster growth in Facebook subscribers

We noticed that when we added a chat-like widget in the corner for our customers, the number of visitors who sign up to become subscribers grew exponentially. A live chat may not always be a feasible option considering someone needs to respond to it all the time. But the new corner widget from MFY can catch your visitor's attention, ask them a templated question. The answer they choose is added as a tag for automatically segmenting them for future sequences or broadcasts from MFY dashboard.

Talk to Us

If you want to brainstorm on how best to add MFY's sequences and the corner widget to your Messenger marketing strategy, schedule a free call with our team using this Calendly link.

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