MFY's Wordpress plugin is an easy way to add an MFY growth widget to your website

Widget Installation

To get started go to your WordPress admin Dashboard 

Once you reach there go to

Plugins -> Add new -> Search and find "MFY Growth Widgets" plugin -> Install & Activate

MFY Login

Once your widget installation and activation is complete go to MFY Growth Widget's settings tab and log in.

If you haven't signed up for an MFY account click "Sign in" to create a new account. You will be redirected to MFY's official website to create the account. Once you finish your signup & on-boarding you may come back to your WordPress dashboard and try logging in again 

Next, Configure the Wordpress plugin

On the following page, every widget you've created using MFY will be listed. (If nothing shows up, try clicking the refresh button). If you haven't created any widgets go to our Create your first widget guide.

Just beside the widget list, you could see two menus to select where to display these widgets on your website.

  • Above post: At the top of the posts (Applied to all posts in your blog)
  • After post: At the bottom of the posts (Applied to all posts in your blog)

Additionally, you may use short-codes to embed the widget anywhere on your website as you wish.

Need help?

As always if you need any assistance, please feel free to ping us in chat at or message us through our facebook page

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