At MFY we want to help you create content campaigns for your subscribers in an engaging, welcome and spam-free manner. And to enable us to do this, you need to be aware of Facebook Messenger's policies and guidelines regarding sending messages to your FB subscribers.

For sending regular content updates, as is the case with newsletters it's important that you request Facebook for subscription messaging permission for your page.

This article covers how to do this and why.

What is Facebook's subscription messaging permission?

For delivering content updates in a recurring manner to your Facebook Messenger subscribers, your page needs Facebook's subscription messaging permission. Only pages with this permission is allowed to send non-promotional content to subscribers outside the 24 + 1 policy window. (If you are not familiar with FB Messenger's 24+1 policy, read our intro here)

How do I request Facebook for this permission?

 We will guide you step by step through this process. You only need to do this once per FB page.

Step 1: Navigate to Subscription Messaging request form

Make sure you have admin permissions for your Facebook page. Page admins may access the subscription messaging request form by doing the following:

- Go to Page Settings > Messenger Platform
- Under 'Subscription Messaging' in the 'Advanced Messaging Settings' section, click the 'Request' button.

Step 2: Fill the Request Form

Select type of messages your page will send

For most newsletters that send niche content to your subscribers the most appropriate choice is "News".

Provide Additional details describing your niche topics and how often you send them.

For e.g:

We send updates regarding new articles on business management to our subscribers. We include a clickable card that the user can click to preview the content in the built in browser. We use to send these updates to our subscribers.

 and how often:

We send these content updates once a week.

Give Examples:

Type in only the subject line of your newsletter

for e.g:

"New article: Key ideas from Warren Buffet's annual letters over the past 50 years"

And include this video link below with the following text:

See a sample screencast of how delivers my content as a clickable card in Facebook Messenger:

Agree to "I confirm this page won't use subscription messaging to send advertisements...submit and wait for Facebook to approve.

Why do I need this permission to send my content updates to Facebook subscribers?

Without this permission Facebook may not deliver your messages outside the 24 + 1 policy window. (Learn more about the 24+1 Messenger policy here).

What type of content can I cannot send using this permission?

Only non-promotional content that was requested for by the subscriber can be sent. Promotional content for e.g offers or coupons should not be sent.

How long does it take for Facebook to approve my request?

Typically Facebook replies in 1 to 2 days time.

Can you help me through this process?

Sure! We would love to. Please schedule a 1-on-1 with our teammate using this link and we will be happy to assist you.

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